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A Souls-Like Game  , Where Revenge is the Key to Survival


As you wake up in the abyss, you have no memories of who you are or what is going on, an ominous feeling creeps upon you and you must discover what has happened in this cold, dark and mysterious setting.  the world is distorted and twisted into unknown horrors, and what lies in it is something for you to discover.


we are aiming to make a hack and slash souls like game that emphasises on a strong, involved, enriching and layered story.  fighting through challenging enemies and bosses will just be as important as discovering the deep lore we have created. 


what differentiates us from typical hack and slash game is our ascension mechanic where you have a second chance at claiming your life back.  as you are struck down, you have a small opportunity at a second chance of life by defeating the enemy that defeated you.   Ascension works as a double edge sword, while in this mode your attack is buffed and your movements change, while at the cost of having a gradually depleting  health, the only way to exit this mode will be to get revenge. revenge is the key to survival.

For getting update for this game and contributing feedback, please visit our media channel ! :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/LastBossStudio

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lastboss_studio/?hl=id

Discord : https://discord.gg/aC655Hy

Website : https://www.lastboss-studio.com/


--This Game Currently in Prototype State--

--Does Not Represent the Final Look--


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kinda inaccesable. im not too great with computers, so the whole file conversion thing kinda ticked me off

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience, since it still in prototype state we didn't plan to package it into installer so we still planned this as a zip file.

I hope if everything goes well and we made through to the beta / alpha definitely make installer package one.

kinda lame in its current state, but has promise. The lack of healing makes the boss fight kinda tedious, since you have to run all the way back to him after you take two hits. The caves seem really lame because there's nothing to find, and there's very little variety to the environment. As a souls veteran, I say the combat seems solid so far. The controls are very similar to the souls games, and the enemies telegraph their attacks enough for you to avoid getting hit if you're not greedy. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the feedback! Actually we plan to not having any healing items (since player had ressurect mechanic "Ascension") but we will tweak the game design with input from players also :D

The cave was boring since the levels unfinished (we try to update as fast as possible, but hold due during events) we will give new update so the cave have more interaction in the next update.

And we really glad you find the combat satisfying. We will provide more better update later. Thank you for the feedback once more!


Not bad but it needs a lot of polishing. Sadly could not experience the revenge part. Every time I died the game got bugged. Once my burning corpse was jumping erratically all over the place, second time the screen froze...

Hi, the bug you encountered already fixed in the next update and will be released in next month. And thank you for making a video for it, well appreciate ! I hope later you can enjoy more of our game :D


Really promising title, It still need a lot polish though. You guys nailed the settings of dark souls, mechanically and gameplay wise, it's really similar to dark souls. The Ascension thing is really interesting. The music sounds great.

But here are a few feedback from me: 

1. That Health bar and stamina bar needs to go. It doesn't look good in a dark souls game. Maybe make the bars thinner and sleeker.

2. The walking animation looks stiff, but it's still pretty good.

3. Goodluck to you guys, looking forward to the final product! :D

Hi! Thank you for the feedback and compliment!
We will try to get it done right with your feedback :D

Yes the animation will be fixed, it's really annoying we just haven't find the best setting for it. hope we can the best tune later.
The UI is still unfinished T.T
Btw thank you once again for the compliment xD


I like it so far. Definitely potential. 2 things: the health bar on the enemies is hard to see in certain lighting. Another is that this weird leg movement happens on certain angles on the floor (video linked)? Otherwise I like the aesthetic - personally I've never played Dark Souls but I've obviously seen gameplay, as a standalone game it looks promising.

Hi, Thank you for the feedback! Yes we will fix that annoying health bar (i also feel it :( next update it will be fixed) and the weird leg movement is because of the IK. I will try the best to make it feels good. Thank you so much!


it's not a bad start! for the beginning phases of your game you got the feel of the game and a base idea of a mechanic. Keep fleshing it out and originality! Yes dark souls is a great game but don't just make another dark souls game or else you just be compared to it. Keep on improving and ill be back to check on it

Hi! Thank you for making a video (with commentary, really loved it.)

Yes, later on you will feel more different from the original dark souls, we will serve with more unique system and levels later on. Thank you for the feedback also!


how do you pick up items.

Hi, we haven't add pick up item function yet but we will implement it later! We will add logs too so you guys will know the difference in next update :D


Cant wait for the full release.

whoaa thank you for making a video for it. i thought u gonna add voice tho :p


My mic wasnt workin when I recorded this. I wanted to commentate so badly tho!!. smh. You're the best.


good projet

Thank you so much for making a video for it! We'll make it better next time :D


Alright well this was a thing. I know you say this a souls like and it does feel like souls. Specifically Dark Souls 2. I'm sure you'll add more as you go but for now my only real complaint is that your stamina takes way too long to start to come back.

Whoa, u even can notice we're trying copy dark souls 2 combat feels.

Thank you for the feedback too! We will find the best balance for the game through the time.


i really love the horor settings , the creature looks like ghost or zombie , maybe a few advice for this game is :

1. You can add maps and objectives to make this game more challanging , you can also add more weapons or items as well . 

2. Use prologue stories so it would be a great horor scify game story 

3. There is a boss out there ( The big green one ) , its too strong to defeat and actually i got stuck there , moreover there is no clue or hint how to defeat the boss . So you can add on these things later 

4. If we can play it online with other friends , it would be great :)

5. For me , the graphyc is quite like RF online RPG . The greater the graphyc gonna make this game better

Good work mate ! Looking forward for the greater updates !

Hi! Thank you for the feedback! I'll try my best to answer all of your question:

1. In the game design itself we didn't plan to add some obvious objective and maps, so it will feels more realistic (since real life still have objective but it didn't show) and make player feels lost since you don't know where you are, but if the map feels repetitive and hard to remind surely it is our level design mistake. Weapon and items will be added later through pass the stage of the project.

2. For the story telling itself, we will use the level design, item description, writings, but we didn't plan use dialogue so player will guessing the story through the levels. But the prologue is a good idea and we will keep it in mind.

3. For the boss, we will try to find the best combat and AI behaviour through times, but for clue / hint to defeat the boss, is mostly defeating it by time players recognized it's moveset and overcome the enemy. yes the boss is too hard and we will balance the stat aswell.

4. Tbh for now we don't have plan for online play. But after this prototype we will rethink about it :D

5. For the graphic itself, it's tighten to the budget and the timeline of the project itself. Sorry if this doesn't suit you but we will try our best to make this stylized feels better than this stage :D

Thank you! We will working better with your feedback!


Hey :)

Some Feedback: 

Your block Animation is buggy the Charakter always looks to the right.

The Enemy Healthbar is to unobvious. At the beginning i thought i would be a buggy sword.Its too dark on my opinion .

I didnt know the controlls at the beginning and what  every UI bar do. Maybe make a little screen at the beginning how to controll. Spezially how to trigger the second  chance mechanik(A pretty nice idea  in my opinion).I triggered it once but i didnt know why and how.

I hope i could give u some feedback.

Keep Going :D

Hi! Thank you for your feedback!
We will give a better game after updates, and better tutorial for the game itself of course.

Thank you giving a chance to try our game!